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I use ProShow Producer from Photodex to create all of my slide show presentations. On this page you will find information on and help with using our Slide Show Presenter.

Sildeshow presentation info:

Slideshows include photos of the cruise and oldies music. The slideshow will ask you to run Photodex presenter which is entirely safe. I have been using this software for over 6 years with no problems. The presentations are between 10 - 35mb depending on the number of photos used in the slide show so give the slideshow a few moments to load.  Once the presentation loads you can place your cursor along the bottom edge of the show to open a control panel which will let you control the audio as well as the option to view the presentation full screen.

Here are some screen shots of help on controlling the presentation.

When the page loads you will see the show presentation screen like the one below. The photo will appear slightly dimmed if your cursor is not over top of the photo.

Place your cursor over top of the photo and the photo will become brighter and have a glowing edge around it as in the photo below letting you know you can click on it to play the slide show.

When the slide show is playing it will look like the photo below but you won't see the control bar.

If you place your mouse over the slide show the menu at the bottom of the slide show will appear dim as in the photo below.

Now take and place your cursor over the bottom of the slide show and the menu with brighten as in the photo below giving you total control over the slide show letting you control the volume and letting you view the slide show in full screen mode.

Here is the menu screen shot.

To find out more on ProShow Presenter click on the graphic below.

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